In Ice and Fire by Robert Frost what other symbols besides ice and fire does the poet use?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frost plays with several other images in this poem.  The idea of taste, and interacting with one's world through sensation is a powerful one.  This reflects a notion of experience within the world, clearly relishing it.  In lines 3 and 4, the poem speaks of how the speaker would interact with the world while absorbing it through taste.  This is symbolic of an activity within the world that is not detached, but rather one of immersion.  It is also unique to see how the speaker symbolizes the ideas of desire and hate, and the unique sensory images that are symbolised within both.  One is a force of passion and intensity while the other reflects disengagement and isolation.  Using sensory perception to explain such emotions is an exercise in symbolism and connotation.

maissa | Student

in line 3 ad 4 other symbols (taste)