How was Ibsen's play, A Doll's House, received in its day? Ibsen's A Doll's House was written in the 19th century.

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Given that the play openly challenged dominant gender relations it's actually surprising how positive its overall critical reception was. Even if many couldn't accept the full import of Ibsen's radical social critique, they still admired the obvious skill and artistry with which he had constructed A Doll's House. This attitude is ably expressed in the following extract from a reviewer in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph:

It is quite possible to pass a thoroughly intellectual evening in "A Doll’s House" without being an immediate convert to Ibsenism.

At the same performance, however, a critic from a rival paper, The (London) Times, challenged Ibsen's social philosophy:

By Ibsen’s admirers this story is declared to inculcate a great moral lesson. The performance on the face of it, we are bound to say, proves nothing except that the heroine is an extremely petulant, headstrong, and impracticable young person, whose actions, whether in the frivolous or the serious vein, are not to...

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