How would you stage Ibsen's A Doll's House?  Take into consideration:  Costume, Lighting, Stage, Props, Sound effects.  Any help would be very much appreciated. 

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Choosing how to stage a play is a very personal process.  It has to filter through the director's vision of the play, which is impacted by the director's personal history and values.  When I direct a play, I always start with a deep consideration of the theme.  That is what guides me as I start to see pictures in my head as I read and re-read the play.

The first big decision when doing a play that is from another time and place is to decide whether or not to set it in that other time and place. Questions to consider here:

  • Will I be able to communicate the theme clearly to an audience with it set in a remote time and place?  For example, will a contemporary audience be able to relate to late 19th century Norway?
  • Will I obscure the play too much by placing it in another time and place?...

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