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Ian French is a round character. Discuss two ways the author develops Ian's character with examples from the story of each. "Feuille d'Album" by Katherine Mansfield.

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Ian French of the short story "Feuille d'Album" by Katherine Mansfield appears at first to be what the title indicates:  a person on a page of an album (feuille=page) since he is static in his routine and actions.  "What the poor boy really wants [meaning lacks] is thoroughly rousing," says woman comments.  So, she takes Ian to cafes, cabaret, dances, and high establishments where one drinks champagne.  But, whenever she goes to his studio, like all the others who precede here in trying to reach Ian, she rings, and rings, and rings without response:  "Hopeless."

Others attempt to reach this young man with "black close-cropeed hair, grey eyes with long lashes, and a mouth pouting as though it were ready to cry."  "Hopeless."  Ian follows the same pattern of living each day, writing himself memos each day and posting a sign by his bed that reads...

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