Describe a mini lesson on the "Trail of Tears" following the Indian removal act of 1830. I would like an like an idea for a short, closer look at "the trail of tears."

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A concise way of studying the Trail of Tears could involve a critical analysis of a number of images about the event and then a brief wrap up by the instructor to bring everything to the desired conclusion. 

To accomplish this prepare and pass out an inquiry chart and have the students work in small groups to answer the top level of the chart about what they already know or make predictions about the Trail of Tears.  The inquiry chart provided just has areas for "Question Area One", but this will need to be modified with relevant questions to the curriculum or the design of the lesson.

Next utilize the four images on the linked website and have the students analyze each of the four images and answer the questions on the inquiry chart based on their observations and interpretations of the images.  The final step would be to have them summarize their findings on the bottom level of the chart.  Once this is completed the instructor could have the students share their findings with the class and fill in any details or gaps that might have been missing from the student exploration.

While this wouldn't be the most in depth study of the Trail of Tears, it could easily be accomplished in a half an hour and still allow student to reach high into Bloom's taxonomy while allowing students to analyze data and collaborate.

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