I want to write a thesis paper on To Kill a Mockingbird but I can't find good title or details of what I have to analyze. Can you help me? I am confused about what it is that I have to analyze. Please choose the best topic for me.

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I would consider why the novel has endured for such a long time: what aspects of the novel remain as interesting and thought provoking as when it was published in 1960? Consider what was most striking to you about the text. There are several areas on which you could focus

  • Narrative voice - consider the effect of a child narrator on the very complex themes in the novel.
  • Themes - racism, sexism
  • Character - development and relationships
  • Setting - in terms of time and place, and its contrast with the time of publication

I would recommend exploring the Study Guide information to refresh your thoughts.

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When I try to help my students arrive at a topic for their papers, I suggest that they think about the novel on a deeper level. Try asking yourself a few questions: What do I like about the novel ? What characters in the novel have a hard time making a decision ? Why do they have a hard time to arrive at a decision ? How does the title relate to the themes in the novel ?  In addition, I remind students that when analyzing a novel you first look at the action and the conflicts. Also look at the setting. What time period is it ? What are the primary social values ? How is the main character or characters different than the other members of their social group ? After you consider these elements, I think, a topic will emerge for you.

Good luck.

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