I need to know if my thesis for Othello by Shakespeare is good. I have to persuade my reader, not to impress them. I have to have a strong and well-developed argument. Please help me correct my thesis by giving suggestions and tips. My theme is: ''Iago's Deception''''Iago uses the ability to be an impostor and deceives to provoke resentment among the characters in the story such as Brabantio, Cassio and Othello.''

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Throughout Othello, Iago deceives everyone. Many have argued that, most fundamentally, he deceives himself into believing that his motives justify his actions.

Because the others believe him, he does provoke some men to resent the successful characters, including Othello. He also incites jealousy, which may be more central to the action as that is what motivates Othello to murder his blameless wife.

The use of "impostor" here is unclear. He does not pretend to be another person. It would be helpful to clarify the meaning. He is a fraud, a dissembler, and basically a liar.

In terms of the characters included, it would make the thesis more broadly applicable to include at least one female character. Iago manipulates Emilia as well, which figures into the plot through the handkerchief, a central symbol of deception.

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