I need to hand in 500-700 words interviewing either Marley, Want, or Innocence, can anyone help?

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Certainly! To start, I'm going to assume that part of your question is a typo, and that the characters for whom you are meant to write an interview are Marley, Want, and Ignorance rather than innocence. Want and Ignorance are two minor characters that appear with the Ghost of Christmas Present. They are living personifications of their existential namesakes.

When going about this assignment, you would want to consider the questions that you might ask each character that would be most revealing not only of the part that they play in the narrative but also of the machinations of the emotions that they may feel internally if they were more developed characters.

Marley, for example, can be considered to be a version of Scrooge that died before he was able to achieve redemption. Questions that you might consider fabricating for an imagined interview would be ones that deal largely with regret, such as what he might change if he could go back. If your project is to create responses as well as questions, this could be an amazing exercise in creating your own history for a character.

Want or Ignorance would be a far more abstract and challenging pair of characters for whom to create an interview, though this may make the assignment more interesting. It is said by the spirit that these characters are the "children of man." Since they are implied to have metaphysical significance, you could fabricate questions that are more metaphoric than literal, and even ones that revolve around their origins within history.

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