I need help writing a personal narrative essay. It must be a well-developed story that has a specific beginning, middle, and end and features plot, character, setting, theme, style, and sequence of events.

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A personal narrative essay is a common writing assignment that asks you to vividly recreate an experience from your life. Because it is a personal narrative, it is common to use the first-person perspective in this type of essay. These essays also tend to be rich with imagery that tries to target multiple senses for the reader. Finally, the essay often closes with letting readers know that a valuable lesson was learned from the experience.

Keep in mind that this personal narrative is not an autobiography. It should not cover months or years of time. You are aiming to present your reader with narration about a single event in your life. It could be anything from scoring the game-winning goal to the death of a loved one. It might be a hilarious experience with a sibling of yours, or it could be a narrative about a harrowing experience you had getting lost at Disneyland when you couldn't find your parents. Try to pick something that strongly resonates with your emotional core, and be sure to write about those feelings. Your reader is interested in what happened, but the personal narrative is often more interesting because it explains how you felt.

The prompt mentions sequence of events. That should be a natural way to tell your story. It makes sense doing a chronological retelling of the event rather than trying to incorporate flashbacks. You can get a lot of setting details out of the way in the very first paragraph. Start your essay with a bold statement or two that incorporates some setting details.

It was an absolutely perfect sunny day at Disneyland. Consequently, the park had more people crammed tightly into it than I thought was humanly possible. Of course I was young and didn't know to fear the crowds and the ceaseless pressing of bodies against me.

A good way to build your essay is going to be to write out what happened. Then add in specific details about the place and your feelings. Concentrate on making analogies and using vivid and specific adjectives to describe things and let your reader know what you saw, felt, smelled, tasted, etc. Those make the story that much more real and visceral to your readers.

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