The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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I need help writing a letter that is from Abigail to John Proctor that recounts events from act 4 of The Crucible.

In act 4 of The Crucible, Abigail leaves town, Parris fears for his life, and Hale is crushed with guilt over his own hypocrisy. Danforth and Hathorne continue to send innocent people to their deaths and the town is falling apart. Elizabeth and John finally get past their anger and find their love again. After wavering briefly, John stands up for truth.

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If Abigail were to write a letter to John recounting act 4 events, she would mention not only the main points of the act, but also her feelings about it. Imagine, based on her previous scenes, whether she would feel remorse. From what we see, her only goal is to save herself.

Abigail would explain to John why she left Salem. She might mention that everyone hates her and no one believes anything she says anymore. She’s lied so much and manipulated everyone so strongly that she has few friends left. She does have Mercy Lewis to help her, probably not only out of fear of Abigail but also fear of what will happen to the accusers who remain in Salem. Abigail breaks into her uncle’s strongbox and steals his savings; she and Mercy then board a ship to flee the consequences of their lies. They know if they stay in Salem they will go to jail, or perhaps even to their deaths.

Events begin to spiral in act 4. Tituba and Sarah Good are in jail and seem to have lost their minds. Tituba is...

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