I need help with my essay on why is it important that we believe in the historicity of the Bible; why do so many scholars attack the historicity of the Bible?

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For the essay that you are preparing, you have already completed one important step, which is to develop your argument that believing in the historicity of the Bible is important. In an argumentative essay, having a strong argument or thesis statement is key. To support the argument, you will need to develop several subsidiary points. These will lay out the reasons that such belief is important. You will need to decide if your arguments will be primarily concerned with the religious dimensions of Judeo-Christian traditions, with the history of the Middle East and North Africa, or a combination of both.

Once you have decided which aspects you want to stress, in a similar vein, the idea that questioning the historicity is problematic will need development. Here as well you will need to elaborate specific arguments that scholars have raised showing such challenges. Again, are these challenges problematic because of religion or history?

One useful text to consult that lays out a number of...

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