I need help with an essay on Macbeth and Frankenstein.

"Please write an introduction by following the following Macbeth and Frankenstein essay outline." I need to follow the following outline exactly to make an introduction but I don't get how to do it.

Intro Paragraph - Thesis
- Body 1 intro - Topic
- Body 2 Intro - Topic
- Body 3 Intro - Topic
- Conclusion

Thesis - Evil comes in all different forms.

Essay Topic : Evil

B1 - Greed
- Macbeth
- Lady Macbeth
- Victor Frankenstein
B2 - God complex ( if you don't understand what god complex is, use deception or hatred instead of god complex in this paragraph, ^^)
- Victor
- Monster
- Macbeth
B3 - Disloyalty
- Victor
- Macbeth
- Lady Macbeth

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This is a very complex analysis that you have to do, I will offer some ideas about the comparison of the two works, Macbeth and Frankenstein, the rest is up to you.  With regard to the influence of greed, Macbeth is power hungry, he longs to wear the crown of Scotland and is willing to do anything, once the witches give him the prophecy regarding his ascension to the throne.

Macbeth's ambition can be equated with a greediness to have what he wants when he wants it, and never mind the consequences, which include murdering the king and then many others.

In Frankenstein, Victor's pursuit of the spark of life, the origin of life, which is supported by his need to know more than human beings are supposed suggests that Victor suffers from a God complex.  Flirting with the origins of life, creating life, in the way that Victor creates the monster, which he loathes once he is made and brought to life, is blasphemy.  Victor's behavior results in an abomination.

Macbeth's ambition and greed, and lust for power also results in an abomination, the suffering of Scotland, never mind the murder of a just and right king.

There is evidence of disloyalty in both works.  Macbeth violates his loyalty to the king, he murders him, Victor creates a patchwork human out of body parts scavenged from graves, gives him the spark of life, and then is repulsed by his hideous appearance.  Victor abandons his newborn creation, thrusting him into a world that he is unprepared to cope with and which will, ultimately reject him.

Both protagonists have help in cultivating their ambition, Victor has his teacher:

"He seeks out another professor, M. Waldman, who is an understanding and helpful man. He encourages Victor to study modern science and to learn from science’s most recent, exciting discoveries if he wants to penetrate the vast mysteries of nature. Victor tells us his meeting with M. Waldman was a memorable one, and it was a day that “decided my future destiny."

Macbeth is encouraged by his wife, Lady Macbeth, to think carefully about killing King Duncan because this is his big chance to gain power.  She actually belittles her husband into believing that if he doesn't kill the king, then he is less than a man.

There is an evilness in the nature of both protagonists, evil that denies the value and worthiness of human life, the fact that the body contains a spirit or a conscience. Victor Frankenstein thinks that he can create life in his lab, forgetting that humans are more than flesh and bone.

Macbeth's evil stems from his lack of appreciating human life, willfully taking lives in order to serve his purposes, to remain in power, unchallenged, both men come to an ugly end.

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