I need help with acting as a reporter for The Salinas News who has heard what has happened at Curley's ranch. I need to write a news scoop for the front page.

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While we editors at enotes do not write articles, essays, etc. for students, suggestions surely may be offered. 

Of course, murder or the suggestion of murder always makes headlines, especially a double-murder.  So, you will want to create an engaging headline. Follow this with what is known in journalism as a lead-line, a sentence that "hooks" the reader into finishing the article.  Perhaps you could write something like Double Murder Disrupts Harvest at the Double Branch Ranch.  The headline, then, is usually followed by what is known as a "back-up quote" from one of the witnesses or the police. 

There is much in Of Mice and Men to make for an interesting article:  drifters who come to the ranch, a black man to tie into the list of suspects, a love triangle with Curley's wife being killed and then Lennie's death.  Keeping in mind that the time frame is the Great Depression of the 1930s, there would most likely be the mention of Lennie as a mentally handicapped man who is a "bindle stiff." Be sure to use the inverted triangle design of writing for your new article.  That is, give the major details first, answering who, what, where, when, and why.  After the important facts, then you can furnish details such as where Curley met his wife, how she wanted to be an actress, etc.  Other quotes from witnesses can also be added.

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