I need help with a line-by-line analysis of the poem "Love Poem for My Country" by Sandile Dikeni. Can you help me understand this poem? What are the figures of speech, if there are any? 

In "Love Poem for My Country," poet and anti-apartheid activist Sandile Dikeni composes a love letter to his native South Africa. He praises the country’s beauty by linking its physical riches with its positive emotional and political qualities. Through various poetic devices and figures of speech, Dikeni illustrates and celebrates his country’s love, peace, joy, health, wealth, and unity among its people.

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Through "Love Poem for My Country," Sandile Dikeni expresses his overwhelming love for his native South Africa and its physical and non-physical riches. In this five-stanza love letter, poet and anti-apartheid activist Dikeni describes the multi-faceted wonders of his home as manifested through tangible and intangible qualities of beauty.

The first four stanzas each focus on a specific type of topography that exhibits natural splendor while emphasizing an emotion or ideal. Each of the first three physical environments is personified to name a positive quality about the country. Dikeni touches on each physical level—from valleys, the sea, and “under the bowels of soil” (low) to the veld (ground level) to mountains (high)—and links it to a beautiful aspect of South Africa.

In the first stanza, the country is “for love, / so say its valleys.” The valleys are personified as speakers demonstrating an unbroken line of love:

where ancient rivers flow
the full circle of life.


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