I need help to understand how to formulate this as equations and find 2 solutions: Mr. and Mrs. Garcia have a total of $100,000 to be invested in stocks, bonds, and a money market account. The stocks have a rate of return of 18%/year, while the bonds and the money market account pay 12%/year and 6%/year, respectively. The Garcias have stipulated that the amount invested in stocks should be equal to the sum of the amount invested in bonds and 3 times the amount invested in the money market account.   How should the Garcias allocate their resources if they require an annual income of $15,000 from their investments? Give two specific options. (Let x1, y1, and z1 refer to one option for investing money in stocks, bonds, and the money market account respectively. Let x2, y2, and z2 refer to a second option for investing money in stocks, bonds, and the money market account respectively.)

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Use the information given to set up equations as follows:

Assign variables: Let x be the amount invested in stocks, y the amount invested in bonds, and z the amount invested in money markets.

(1) The total amount invested is 100,000 which is the sum of the amounts invested:


(2) The total amount of income from the investments is 15,000. This is the sum of the incomes from the three investments. Since stocks earn 18% the income from stocks is .18x; similarly the income from bonds...

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