I need help selecting 4 health related topics and how each would relate to the disciplines of health. Some examples include, but not limited too, cancer, heart disease, smoking, obesity, concussions, or other health issues relate to the disciplines of health education, human performance, nursing, physical therapy, physical education, or any other area. What would be the best 4 topics and their relating health discipline?

Health-related topics are often related to many different health disciplines. To complete this assignment, first survey the various health disciplines. Then, select four topics of particular relevance or interest, and see how many of those health disciplines are connected with each topic.

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Let's begin by reviewing the wide range of health disciplines. Then we can see how some of these topics relate to these disciplines.

The first disciplines that come to mind when we think about health professionals are, of course, doctor and nurse. But we shouldn't limit ourselves to these, as central as they are. Other health disciplines include dietetics (helping people improve their diets and nutrition), paramedicine (EMTs), clinical psychology (mental health treatment), physiotherapy (helping people improve their movement), pharmacy (dispensing and advising about medications), occupational therapy (helping people manage their daily tasks), speech pathology (helping people with communication and swallowing issues), and medical social work (supporting patients and families and helping them plan to meet their needs).

As we look at the list of health topics, then, we can identify some that fit clearly with particular disciplines. Physical therapy, for instance, certainly falls under the scope of the physiotherapist. Human performance, though, relates to a number of disciplines, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, clinical psychology, and medical social work. Health promotion might also fall under each of these categories as well as dietetics. Obesity is certainly the concern of doctors but also of dieticians and physiotherapists. Concussions are dealt with by doctors and nurses but also by EMTs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and sometimes even speech pathologists. You should choose health topics that are of particular interest and relevance to you in your unique experiences.

We can see from this exercise how much these health disciplines work together to help patients cope with and recover from their health challenges.

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