I need an explanation of the poem "Cat!" by Eleanor Farjeon.

Eleanor Farjeon's "Cat!" is a description of a dog chasing a cat up a tree, from the point of view of the dog. The sounds of the poem mimic a dog's barking and yapping.

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Eleanor Farjeon's poem "Cat!" describes a dog chasing a cat up a tree. It is narrated by the dog, using words with short, staccato sounds to imitate barking and yapping, a form of onomatopoeia. Because, so far as the human ear is concerned, the sounds a dog makes are very similar to each other, the frequent rhymes and repetition of the same sounds intensifies the effect of a dog barking at a cat.

The narrative of the poem is very simple. The dog sees a cat, and immediately pursues her. As the dog runs "atter her," it expresses numerous grudges against the cat. It calls her a "Sleeky flatterer," probably referring to her treatment of humans, but also a "Spitfire chatterer," a "Whiskery spitter" and a "Green-eyed scratcher," all of which are more likely to be descriptions of how the cat behaves to the dog.

The dog chases the cat until she climbs the sycamore tree, where she arches her back and hisses at him. The dog's language includes various noises such as "Pfitts" and "Wuff," which are...

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