I need a topic for research in a health care. I work in an ultrasound department.

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I'm not sure if the topic needs to focus specifically on ultrasound practices, so I'll help you consider a variety of angles.

  • What damaging effects is the recent (and significant) trend for vaping/JUULing creating for young people? There has been a huge upswing in youth who are using these products in quickly increasing quantities. There are also increasing hospitalizations linked to their use. What could be the long-term effects for this population?
  • In a related topic, why have so many young people returned to the consumption of tobacco-related products? What has changed to create this new generation who is heavily influenced by tobacco products?
  • What are the primary causes of youth inactivity that leads to obesity? How can these obstacles be overcome to create healthier young people?
  • Some states consistently fall near the bottom in health-related surveys (number of obese citizens, number of heart attacks, etc). How does the culture of a particular state influence the health of the people who live there?
  • What are current trends in treating dementia and/or Alzheimer's patients?
  • Thousands of couples pursue IVF treatments each year, and there are approximately one million frozen embryos in the United States currently. What is the future for these embryos? Is this a problem?
  • Is it ethical to take ultrasound machines to impoverished countries in order to diagnose disease if it is impossible to then treat the diseases once diagnosed? (See link below.)
  • Does ultrasound use during the first trimester increase rates of autism? (See link below.)

I hope this gives you some ideas to get started. Good luck!

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