I need a thesis statement for human trafficking, and I don't know where to start to write it.

A thesis statement on human trafficking should explore how human trafficking exploits vulnerable people and exposes them to a ruthless cycle of abuse and mistreatment. Each of the main points that you make in your thesis would then become your body paragraphs.

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A potential thesis statement that you might like to consider on the subject of human trafficking is as follows:

Despite their stated commitments, governments the world over have failed to get to grips with the growing problem of human trafficking. It's often the case that laws passed to deal with the problem have been too lax, or they haven't been properly enforced.

As with all thesis statements, you need to provide hard evidence to back it up. In this particular case, there is plenty of evidence provided by many different sources, such as pressure groups, charities, and independent commissions.

All of these groups routinely provide detailed research on the failures of governments across the world to deal with the growing problem of human trafficking and the dire consequences it has for some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

In developing this thesis, it's a good idea to answer the question as to why governments don't seem to be taking the problem of human trafficking as...

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