The Necklace Questions and Answers
by Guy de Maupassant

The Necklace book cover
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I need a good hook for my essay about "The Necklace" revolving around materialism.

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There are many ways to approach writing an essay about the theme of materialism in the story "The Necklace," so here's some different angles you might try to create a hook from.

The narrative centers around Mathilde's obsession with wealth and how it causes her to look past the good things in her own life (and eventually to destroy them), but that's probably the most straightforward interpretation. From another angle, it could be said that the Loisel family learns how expensive it can be to pretend to have money. To me, however, the most interesting approach to the theme of materialism in "The Necklace" would be an analysis of the ways that Mathilde's desire to be, or at least appear, rich leads her to believe completely that the necklace must be real. It never occurs to Mathilde that Mme. Forestier would give her a necklace that wasn't real, because a fake necklace wouldn't meet Mathilde's standards for or ideas of wealth.

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