I'm writing a five-minute informative speech on Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. What would a good example of an introduction to this topic be?

A good introduction to an informative speech about Elon Musk could focus on a specific aspect of his background or personality that relates to the main point of the speech. For example, the speech might emphasize his large number of accomplishments. A suitable introduction for that subject could stress his relative youth when he reached significant milestones.

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The introduction to a speech should engage the audience and make them eager to hear more. At the same time, it should connect to the specific goals of the speech as well as the general topic under consideration. In preparing an informative speech about Elon Musk, the writer should first decide on the main point they want to make. They can then create an introduction that is connected to that point by focusing on a specific aspect of his...

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