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by Kate Chopin

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I'm writing a comparison/contrast essay on Chopin's "Desiree's Baby" and need some points which I can compare and contrast. I am comparing and contrasting two characters: Desiree and Armand. I have thought about comparing their background or marriage. I need at least three points.

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There are several differences and similarities between Desiree and Armand.

Desiree was an adopted child, and Armand was the biological son of his parents. Desiree never knew who her biological parents were. This is a major difference between them and why Armand believes Desiree has a black parent.

Both Desiree and Armand love each other at the beginning of the story. They fall in love and have a happy marriage. This is obvious in two ways. First, that Armand's treatment of his slaves grows gentler after his marriage; this is a reflection of his happiness. Next, that Desiree simply walks into the swamp after trying to get him to let her stay. She loved him enough to stay with him even...

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