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I'm preparing for an in-class closed book essay exam in 2 weeks on the topic..."Civilians at War" addressing the social and economic effects of WW2 on civilians in Britain , Germany and Russia. Any help to focus on any key points will be much appreciated Thanks Jack BARRY Year 12 Epping Boys HS Sydney AUSTRALIA

World War II affected Great Britain, Germany, and Russia's economies and societies both acutely and to this day. A discussion of how each nation felt the war's impact might focus on the leadership each nation was under during and after the war.

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You could take many approaches to this prompt. A comparison of physical damage done to the homefront, focusing on the wartime effects (such as air raids, damage to infrastructure) and postwar effects (the effort and expense of recovering from the war) could give you enough social and economic pathways to flesh out an essay. I think an interesting approach might be looking at the leadership of each nation and how that leadership affected the citizens.

For example, looking at Churchill's war cabinet and its opposition in the...

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