I'm planning a final project based on the subject of gender and sexuality. Texts we've studied are Leslie Feinberg's Stone Butch Blues, James Baldwin's Another Country, and Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain. This project needs to be related to the themes expressed in the texts we've studied (Bildungsroman, sexuality and gender, not fitting into social norms). How could I begin to approach this project?

One idea for a creative project on the subject of gender and sexuality is a fictional story that centers on sexual fluidity or keeping a sexual identity concealed. One could also create a collage-like film from already existing footage that relates to LGBTQ+ issues.

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A creative project might address the themes expressed in the LGBTQ+ texts mentioned with a traditional, fictional narrative. The three works noted in the question each tell a story. You could try to write a story in which a character has to deal with something similar to what the characters in the texts had to face. Maybe they have to confront sexual assault like Jess Goldberg in Stone Butch Blues. Perhaps they have to grapple with a sexually fluid environment like the kind in Another Country. Maybe the story focuses on a character who attempts to keep their sexual identity private, which is what Ennis and Jack sought to do in Brokeback Mountain.

Another idea would be to create a film from preexisting footage. A film might consist of different video clips culled from various places on the Internet. These clips would be edited together in such a way that speaks to sexuality, gender, and not fitting into social norms. The format for this film would be experimental or collage-like.

Additionally, one could consider doing a creative film in a documentary style. This film could interview students, teachers, friends, and family members about their thoughts on sexuality and gender. The filmmaker might make an appearance to give their perspective. The documentary could feature animation, music, educational skits, or other creative components to enhance the interviews.

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