I'm looking for characteristics of romanticism in Frankenstein, and I'm having a hard time finding them. What are specific examples of these characteristics?

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There are many elements of the Romantic movement in Frankenstein. Romanticism emphasized the value of emotion over reason, in reaction to the Enlightenment and its focus on rationality.

Victor Frankenstein is himself a Romantic figure, as he is distanced from society and feels alienated and alone. He has tried to create a creature, an achievement that sets him apart from the rest of society. In the frame story that begins the book, he is wandering in the Arctic, separated and alone. In this way, he is a Romantic character, one who is distanced from others and one is marked by alienation rather than acceptance from others.

The theme of the story is also Romantic in nature, as Frankenstein's attempt to use science leads to disaster. The Romantic movement prized nature over the achievements of science and technology, and this book is very much a cautionary tale about the way in which one should not try to thwart the rules of nature. Frankenstein masters the rules of science so that he can...

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