I'm looking for a version of The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare that is adapted to modern English to help with the original, for my kids.

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While we here at enotes have the etext, there is no modern translation next to it as some of Shakespeare's plays do have on this site.  Now, however, there is an act-by-act summary which should assist you in providing the students the narrative of the plot and the nature of the characters.  If your students are quite young, this summary may be all that is needed.  For this, see the site that is listed below.  Also, you can then access other links that will give character descriptions and analyses as well as critical discussions and discussions of themes, etc.

Have you also checked on the internet for a modern English translation of this play?  Sometimes there are companies who offer such modern English versions for free.  Certainly, Hamlet and other popular ones are available (of course, enotes has these).

Thank you for choosing enotes.

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