I have to do an essay about banning the use of landmines, cluster bombs, and fragmentary explosive devices against civilian populations—not just from the USA's point of view, but generally. What are the consequences of using and not using these? What kind of resolution could ban them? What are the causes of using these weapons on civilians, and do they have an impact on the environment? What are we doing right now about it? And what exactly are landmines and cluster bombs?

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Here are some ideas of what you might want to explore further in your essay. War in itself is always very cruel and brutal. However, it is particularly cruel and brutal when it affects civilians, given that these people are generally considered to be innocent. Civilians are not soldiers, whose job it is to fight and who therefore consciously take the risk of losing their life in battle. Civilians affected by war usually suffer out of coincidence, as they simply happen to live in an area where fights are taking place.

While the use of weapons such as landmines, cluster bombs, and fragmentary explosive devices is very effective and cost-efficient, it is also often discussed and criticized on moral grounds. In open battle, soldiers use their weapons, such as guns, to fight against other soldiers. The weapons you are referring to in your question, however, are not just used by soldiers against other soldiers. Instead, they frequently destroy civilian areas or kill civilians as a by-product of the actual intended target or outcome.

Landmines, for example, are mines that are hidden underground. They explode as soon as a person steps on the ground where they are buried. As a result, innocent civilians could easily step on them and lose their life as a result, despite not being involved in the fighting at all.

Similarly, cluster bombs and other fragmentary explosive devices are designed to cause maximum destruction, which will in most cases not only affect soldiers but also civilians. A cluster bomb is a bomb designed to break into smaller explosives upon release, which opens up a wider target area and therefore results in greater damage than a standard single bomb would be able to achieve.

To reduce the loss of innocent civilians, these kinds of weapons should only be used when it can be guaranteed that no civilian lives will be at risk. If this can’t be guaranteed, then their use should be banned. However, in reality, this is often not the case, as strategic success and long-term gain is considered superior to the protection of innocent lives.

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