I have an original copy of Lorna Doone, published in 1900 (soft cover) in pretty amazing condition, is this worth anything?  Burgundy cover with gold 'tree' on the cover. The soft cover has pages from the bible inside (to give it strength?) and the pages of the book are extremely thin and silky. Has portrait of R.D. Blackmore beside cover page with tissue paper still intact between the 2. Seems to be of importance. (from the tablet in exeter cathedral) Preface is dated march of 1869.  If you can help me in any way regarding this book, please let me know. If it is of value I would like to know so it can be properly cared for!

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I'm not sure anyone on the q and a's can help you with this, but your best bet would be to try an area book dealer.  I am sure the book is of value; however I have no idea how much or how to care for it.  You might also check with an antique shop; they might also have an idea of how to handle it.  Congratulations on your book and good luck!  Brenda

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