"I had taken the long way around but I was finally home. To stay." What is the interpretation or the evaluation?

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Following the death of his parents, life at home had not been so great for Ponyboy. Although he adores his brother, Sodapop, Pony fights constantly with Darry. Pony's grades have suffered, he smokes too much, and his gang life has taken over his life. After Johnny kills Bob, the two boys leave their homes to hide out on Jay Mountain. After saving the children in the fire, the boys come home heroes. Pony survives the rumble, but he still has to worry about a possible trial and removal of the home by juvenile authorities. These two events do not come about, and Pony reconciles with Darry. Home life appears to be regaining some normalcy, despite the death of Johnny and Dally. Pony decides to take Johnny's dying wish "to stay gold" to heart, and perhaps rumbles and conflicts with the Socs will come to an end as well. At the end of the novel, Pony has come full circle and back to his home and family.

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