I am writing an essay about my listening skills. I need help with the title.

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The title that you choose for your particular essay is going to be up to you. It should reflect the overall theme of your essay, but be succinct and interesting enough to pique the reader's interest.

Even though the title is the first thing that appears on the page, it is often easiest to come up with it after a draft of everything else has been written. As you write your essay about your listening skills, look for the main themes that occur in it. Paying close attention in particular to the introduction and conclusion paragraphs will be useful. What main points are you making? Is there a topic or idea that occurs throughout the work? Identifying this will help you narrow down a title.

Your title should also reflect the overall tone of the essay. If it is a formal or academic piece, a straightforward and informative title might be best. If the essay is more conversational in tone, consider a less formal title to reflect this. Since you are writing about your own listening skills, it is probably okay to include personal pronouns such as me, my, mine, and I in the title.

It may be helpful to create a list of three to five possible titles. Read them over to yourself or share them with someone else. In the end, choose the title that sounds best to you and best describes the essay.

Also, keep your title short. It should be no more than ten words. Less is often better. You want it to be just long enough to convey a hint of your main points along with a keyword or two without giving away the conclusions contained within the essay itself.

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