I am writing an argumentative essay. My topic is local food vs imported food. I want 3 topic sentences or 3 main points. I also want to know the counterargument (rebuff). A topic sentence is also needed, and I want to know what the thesis to the topic sentence is.  

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The prompt doesn't seem to specify which side of the argument that you should take, so definitely figure out if you want to argue for or against locally grown food. There are definitely arguments for or against it. One argument is that buying locally grown foods helps to support local business and industry. Your money goes to support the people that live and work around you. However, that same argument can be used for imported foods. The people that stock and sell those imported brands are likely people that live in your area as well. Employees of grocery stores likely live in town. If everybody bought food from farmer's markets, then those grocery stores are in danger of having to cut employees.

Another argument is that locally grown foods are likely fresher. There is some validity to that argument, but the transportation and packaging industries are amazing at this point, and it is possible for a fruit or vegetable to be picked in one country and appear for sale on shelves in another...

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