I Am Legend Questions and Answers
by Richard Matheson

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What are the names of all the music pieces Robert Neville listens to?

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In I Am Legendthe protagonist, Robert Neville, plays music in order to retain his sanity while living among vampires. As he listens, he is thankful to his mother for having taught him to appreciate classical and symphonic music. As the novel begins, he is listening to Beethoven's Third, Seventh, and Ninth symphonies while he makes stakes for killing the inactive vampires he sees during the day. Every night Neville must barricade himself in the house; during this time, he is forced to resort to crucifixes, mirrors, and strings of garlic in order to keep the marauding groups of vampires away. 

Another piece of music we see mentioned is Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht (or Transfigured Night), a string sextet. Later, as he listens to Roger Leie's The Year of the Plague, Neville loses his temper. The fury of instrumental chaos and 'atonal melodies' which assault his ears remind him of his present...

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