I am currently writing a character diary with Amir as my character. The diary is based on a specific event: when Amir witnesses Hassan being sodomized and runs away. I wrote down possible entries in the following points ("I" refers to Amir):

  • I ran away because I was a coward; I was afraid of what Assef would do to me. It is not because I feel that Hassan, as a Hazara, deserves to make the sacrifice for me.
  • Getting the kite is the key to winning Baba's heart—so, no matter what, the kite is more important. Hassan will always be there, serving me with loyalty, and this could be the last chance to win Baba's heart.
  • Hassan's illiterate, so he is not smart enough to figure out that I ran away instead of helping him. I could just lie and say that I searched for him everywhere, but I couldn't find him.

These are the points I have. Does anyone have any more suggestions or ideas to add to the diary?

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You can expand on the point that "this could be the last chance to win Baba's heart." Why does Amir feel this way? Think of all of the motivations someone could have to write a diary: to express things that are unsaid or to communicate internally. This can help you get into the mind of Amir and uncover the deeper meaning behind winning the kite. You could write about Amir's feelings regarding the emotional distance between himself and Baba, and why he thinks that winning the kite will make up for this.

Amir carries guilt over this experience for the rest of his life; in part because of his cowardice but more so because of the pain and humiliation it caused Hassan. The kite becomes an important symbol representing Amir's betrayal of Hassan. Amir decides that he will tell no one of the circumstances that won him the kite, but he does still feel guilty and at fault for the incident. There is an opportunity here to express this while still placing more emphasis on the importance of winning the kite.

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Amir does feel some regret about his actions, so you may want to include some mention of Amir one day hoping to make up for his cowardice. On the other hand, you may also want to include that Amir recognizes that Baba is still paying more attention to Hassan than Amir would like, so you might also include future actions that Amir may decide to take in order to lessen Hassan in Baba's eyes.

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