Hypothetically speaking, it has been five years since the trial in Monster. How has Steve changed?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of the novel, Steve Harmon comments that he has been making films where he continually talks to the camera and tells it who he really is. Steve also mentions that he allows his younger brother, Jerry, to use the camera and says that his father moved away. Steve says that he understands the distance and mentions that the reason he makes films is to get to know himself. Steve also wants to know what Miss O'Brien saw when she looked at him and turned away.

Hypothetically, five years after the trial, Steve finally understands himself. After years of experimenting by making movies of himself and thinking deeply about his conscience and life decisions, Steve has realized that he is simply a flawed individual, like the rest of humanity, who has both positive and negative character traits. His self-examination has lead him to understand the complexities regarding the duality of human nature. Steve has explored his own morality and followed his mother's suggestion to read the Bible. After reading the scriptures, he has a developed a new perspective on life and has asked for repentance. Steve's love of film making and his drive to positively impact future generations has motivated him to make movies that inspire the youth to think and act independently.