Hypnopaedic education is one of the key tools used by the government to control the populace in Brave New World. Combined with in vitro manipulation of fetuses, people are uniquely well-suited for the various tasks expected of them within the larger society. Focusing primarily on the two characters of Lenina and Linda, use evidence from the book to discuss whether or not these kinds of control methods are effective.

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Focusing on Linda and Lenina, I would argue that the "control methods" described are very effective.

Both Linda and Lenina are betas, the next caste down from alphas. Both have been indoctrinated from earliest youth to feel anxious when alone, to believe that mothers, fathers, and families are dirty and neurotic elements of the past, to rely on soma to get over rough emotional patches, and to be sexually promiscuous based on the idea that "everyone belongs to everyone else." Both have been taught to consider their society ideal, as well as superior to other cultures.

Linda is horrified when she finds herself pregnant and abandoned on the Savage Reservation. As she says when she first meets...

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