Is Hydrochloric acid HCI (aq) ionic or molecular?

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Aqueous  solutions is a kind of solution where in the solvent is water. It is commonly labelled as (aq) after the compound. For example NaCl (aq). This also means that the  solutes is dissolved in water. 

There are kinds of aqueous solutions: ionic and molecular. Ionic aqueous solution is when the solute is an ionic compound or splits into ions when in the solution. Molecular on the other hand do not dissociate into ions in the solution.

To know if your solution is ionic or molecular, we should know if it's solute is ionic or covalent compound.

In your problem, HCl is an ionic compound therefore it forms ions in the solution. Therefore it is called ionic solution. 

Example of molecular solution would be the dissolution of sugar into water. Sugar (or sucrose) do not form ions in the solution. 


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