In Huxley's Brave New World, in what ways does Bernard Marx abuse power?

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Bernard Marx abuses power by hurting others as he selfishly seeks popularity. He is an Alpha, which means that he is at the top of the caste system and is highly intelligent. As a result, he treats those in the lower castes as if they were slaves. For example, he yells at Gammas and Epsilons while disregarding their lives as servants. He is rude and does not value their lives. Marx also abuses his power when he ruins his boss's life and jeopardizes his friendships with John the Savage and Helmholtz Watson.

First, Marx ruins the Director's life when he brings back Linda and John from the reservation. Because Marx learns that his boss fathered a child years earlier--and left the pregnant woman at the Indian reservation--he has the power to bring them back to humiliate the Director. Marx does this because his...

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