How It Feels to Be Colored Me Questions and Answers
by Zora Neale Hurston

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in Huston's description, what kind of community is eatonville

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According to Hurston, Eatonville is a small town in Florida with its population being almost entirely black. Most of the white people in Eatonville are tourists on their way to or from Orlando and do not live in the town. Hurston appears to have been quite at home in Eatonville during the time when she lived there. She says that “she remembers the very day when she became colored”, that is, when she relocated to Jacksonville. Before that, she had lived in Eatonville quite oblivious to the significance of people’s skin color. Then, she had understood that white people only differed from coloreds by the fact that they did not live in Eatonville. Also, the white people who passed through Eatonville liked to listen to her sing and dance and would even give her some money for that, unlike the coloreds. Nevertheless, the people in Eatonville loved her and allowed her to grow up as Zora, to be herself. She says that “she belonged to them, to the nearby hotels, to the county; everybody’s Zora." Thus Eatonville is presented as a loving community, accepting of most races.

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