The Hunger Games theme ideas???I was wondering what everyone's personal thoughts of the theme or central idea for "The Hunger Games" is. Just trying to find a prime example of the message you can...

The Hunger Games theme ideas???

I was wondering what everyone's personal thoughts of the theme or central idea for "The Hunger Games" is. Just trying to find a prime example of the message you can get out of this book and reasons why. I know there are many different themes, what are your personal thoughts? Any ideas? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!

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litlady33 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One possible theme could be the affect of reality TV on an individual and a culture. Because the Hunger Games are closely televised, they are very much like a reality TV show that the people of the capitol become enthralled with. Cameras are in the contestants' faces at all times, there is no privacy, and they have to take part in interviews- just like a reality TV show. It's important, as well, to think about what Suzanne Collins was trying to say about the culture with these novels.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Outside of the typical ones given, I would suggest that a major theme (for me) is trust in one's self. While the theme of self-realization is close, there are too many times where Katniss questions herself and her actions. So, I think that this is one theme which needs more discussion.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This novel certainly illustrates the theme of perseverance and self-reliance. These are qualities that Katniss demonstrates well before the Games begin, and then serve her well in her quest to survive the Hunger Games and help those she can along the way.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
For me a major theme is sacrifice. You have to be willing to sacrifice for someone else, or for an idea bigger than yourself. Sometimes we give up what we want, or our freedom or life, for the benefit of others. For example, taking someone else's place.
tejnoor | Student

Themes: Love, Sacrifice, Power (hierarchy), Appearance, Life, Living Circumstances, etc.

Message I interpreted: Anything is possible even when things seem hopeless.


kayanie | Student

there are multiple themes:1pop culture using people for entertainment,2survival of the fittest, 3peoples obssesion with image/following the crowd, 4peoples belief in the need for order (president snow), 5 sacrifice.

1the reality show of killing children for entertainment is a symbol of our celibrity culture and if how we kept making fun of/using our celebrities for entertainment this is what could happen in the future. 2there is the theme that it is really truely the survival of the fittest because if you arent quick enough or strong enough or fast enough you wouldnt last long. 3the capitol people are very image obssesed and following the latest trend.4president snow believes order happens through fear. 5 prim is almost like a daughter to katniss she would do anything for her and if that means saving her by volunteering to pretty much die so be it.

emma1218 | Student

I think that there is a pretty strong theme of clashing values. There are multiple times when Katniss does something she feels is right, but to do this she must break a rule that has always been a part of her life.
There's also a pretty strong message of the potential harm of greed, highlighted in the gluttony of the capitol resulting in obviously, 'The Hunger Games'.

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