Is The Hunger Games series any good?Is The Hunger Games series any good?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before I respond to this question I must point out that I have only read the first in this trilogy, however, I can definitely offer you my viewpoint regarding the first book, as I think how the story is doing to develop in the second and third book in the series is pretty obvious.

I guess a lot of it depends on you and the kind of books that you like. I would liken this book to the Twilight series. It is fiction aimed at teenagers. Certainly this book is an excellent and exciting example of a suspense novel. I actually read it in one sitting, and it is a very quick read. It is set in a dystopian future, in a setting where humans are divided into different districts where they are controlled by the Capitol. Each year, two children from each of the twelve districts are selected to battle to the death in the Hunger Games, which are televised as a reality TV show displaying all the blood and gore. This book then is not a book if you do not like violence, and the scenes are often very graphic. However, if you like adventure, excitement, and the inevitable love interest, I think you will enjoy this book.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My daughter (13) read the series first.  She kept telling me that I needed to read it.  As a teacher, I rarely have time to read anything that I am not teaching.  I finally broke down, reading instead of grading-yes teachers procrastinate too, and could not put the book down.  I finished book one in one sitting.  I could not wait to get my hands on the rest of the series.  This series is a wonderful read. I would suggest, and have many times, reading it.

jess1999 | Student

The Hunger Game series had an amazing plot , but I can't say that I fully 100 % loved the series . The first two series of the book were amazing and I loved it . The third book though , felt too rush for me , and I thought the ending could have been a lot better .

Wiggin42 | Student

The Hunger Gamers series is not that bad. Its not on my top list for good books but its an easy and casual read. I think its perfect for all the little spare moments in life that could be filled with some light reading: waiting in line, riding the bus, etc. There isn't a whole lot of plot in the first novel. Its straightforward and romantically driven. Nothing too revolutionary or thrilling. Solid novel. Three out of five stars.

zumba96 | Student

Yes it captures your attention and pulls you in. You will deal with being sucked in and curious and well as shocked. The ending I thought could have been better but from all the ups and downs and twists and turns of the books, its a really great series that will leave you dealing with tons and tons of different emotions. 

dancer4life15 | Student

I loved the books but hated the ending of the third book, I'm not going to say anything to give it away (I hope) I just was hoping for a different ending.  I think I would have to say that the second book is my favourite, although I have difficulty rememberingat what point the first book stopped and the second started.  I would definitely recommend reading them, however be prepared it is impossible to read just one, it is best if you are an avid reader to have all three books lined up before you start.

cheezea | Student

i really love the book, especially the action going on within the arena. the plot was great, especially in the 2nd book where there was a twist at the ending :) i recommended it to my friends and they enjoyed it as much as i did

akuhano | Student

I've read the whole series, and personally, I LOVE IT.  The whole plotline was extremely believable, and so were the characters.  The whole story was extremely well written, with nothing left out.  It is definitely worth it to read.

taffyapple | Student

I loved it! The characters to me were very believable, and Suzanne Collins described the struggle to survive very, very well. You should definetley read it, I thought it was amazing!

anzhela1 | Student

I, personally, think that "Hunger Games" is the best book series ever written.I love how the author describes every little detail. The series does teach you that life out there is tough even for rich people.

loveislouder | Student

Me personaly, i think The Hunger Games series is beyond amazing. You could really kind of relate to the characters. Their very believable. And the plot is extremely creative. There is really no series like The Hunger Games. It's truley outstanding and is worth the read. 

leena101 | Student

The hunger games series is really good book

udonbutterfly | Student

The series was really well written and the plot was well developed but I can't say it's one of my favorite series. Although there are parts in the series were I'm like Yeah! Go Katniss! Most of the time it's like almost like a lag between the transitioning of the plotting and the action that happens. And the third left me feeling like maybe there were something's left out but it's a great series that's worth giving a chance.

ladybugenotes | Student

I think it's a great book, but not an amazing book. Like anything that makes it into popular culture (eg hp, twilight) it's overhyped by the media and the masses, but that being said, I still loved it and bought the whole series.

v1nst3rnat0r | Student

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sportygurl68 | Student

i've read the first one and loved it!  i use the library so i'm checking the second and third out now...i would definately recommend reading it if you like adventure books with a little bit of romance.