Throughout Suzanne Collins' novel The Hunger Games, how does the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, change?  

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Throughout The Hunger Games, Katniss goes through a number of changes, both physically and mentally. This is to be completely expected in light of her experience; she is thrust into a death arena where the chances of survival are slim to none. At the beginning of the story, Katniss is very hard-edged, a defense mechanism she has honed after years of living in District 12 and seeing the effect of this rough environment on her friends and family. She is afraid to forge relationships and entanglements with another person for fear that she will eventually lose that person. She is only really close to Prim and Gale.

But starting with this first novel in the trilogy, she matures and develops empathy for Peeta, Rue, and even Haymitch and Effie. This development goes hand in hand with another way she grows: learning to work as part of a team. She is used to doing tasks on her own or with minimal assistance, such as when she is hunting or taking care of Prim. Being in the arena forces her to work...

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