In Chapter 2 of The Hunger Games, where is Katniss going in the morning?  

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Hunger Games, Katniss only goes somewhere in the morning in Chapter 1, not in Chapter 2.  In Chapter 1, she leaves District 12 to go out into the woods.  There, she meets her friend Gale.  The two of them often meet in the woods to hunt, fish, and/or gather.  They need to do this because they get so little food in legal ways.  It is illegal to go out into the woods and it is even more illegal to hunt, but it is tacitly tolerated, particularly as there are only a very few people who are willing and able to do it.  On this particular morning, Katniss and Gale catch a bunch of fish at a lake, and gather some wild greens and a gallon of strawberries.  When they come back into District 12, they go to the Hob, which is a black market where they sell or barter some of what they caught and gathered.  They also go to the mayor’s house and sell his family some strawberries.

Katniss also goes somewhere else in Chapter 1, but that happens in the afternoon.  She, and everyone else, has to go to the square because this is the day of the reaping.  This will be the day when one boy and one girl are chosen as tributes to be sent to compete (and likely die) in the Hunger Games.

So, the answer here is that Katniss is going to the woods to get food in the morning of Chapter 1 of The Hunger Games.