In the Hunger Games novel, Catching Fire, what is the biggest event that happens throughout the whole story?

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The most significant event that occurs that irrevocably shapes the entire course of the story is Katniss' participation in the Games themselves.  In both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, the dread of the reaping and the selection of district champions for the Quarter Quell drives the rising action of the novel.  Catching Fire presents two main questions to the reader:  1) How will Katniss and Peeta respond to being thrust back into the arena? and 2) How will the developing revolution against the Capitol be affected by Katniss' actions within  the arena.  Catching Fire, like The Hunger Games, uses the impetus of the brutal games to refine and challenge Katniss' character as she struggles to find her own voice against the totalitarian policies of Panem.