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Is human security more important than state security?

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The security of the state is a high priority because all the citizens paying in to that economy have a right to feel protected, but it is a fine balance between thorough surveillance and prying into the lives of individual citizens. One example of citizen and state vigilance would be the use of CCTV cameras. If these pieces of high-tech equipment prevent the bombings of malls, border infiltration, mass shootings and bank robberies in the street then many citizens will say that being filmed is a fair price to pay for protection. However, these security devices are not foolproof and rely on the speedy interception of the threat. Most people however, don't mind them, giving the reason that those who are not doing anything illicit have nothing to fear from cameras. The right to enjoy a relaxed unfettered law abiding private life is very important to many citizens however. Within this remit they would include freedom in their lives online, communicating legitimately with family, friends and colleagues via IT, mobile and digital technologies. However, crime may be less obvious on our streets but that may be because it is going underground; highly trained IT criminals could be manipulating and hacking state security systems via the internet and even the whole economic structure of the state. Politicians must be careful in monitoring this threat so that they don't infringe the rights of innocent hard-working citizens.

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