Human rights in Gathering Blue?? For my essay, I am arguing that the books defies human rights. I have to have a conclusion paragraph, but i am not sure how to word it or prove/conclude my thesis idea.?? thanks

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You need to look at the way in which this book presents us with a very repressive society that allows a group of people (the Guardians) to act in their best interests to ensure their continued power and authority, even if this means (as it is suggested in the text but never stated) that they kill or dispose of parents to gain the control of their talented children. Any conclusion would sum up these main ideas that you have expressed in your essay.

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Of course, your conclusion has to be based on what argument you are making in your essay -- how you are making the argument.  Your conclusion should simply be wrapping up your argument and reiterating the main points of that argument.  You should not really be proving your thesis here, just recapping it.

So I can't really tell you how to word your conclusion because I do not know what pieces of evidence you have used to make your point about how the society "defies" human rights.  If I were writing an essay on this topic, I would probably end it something like this:

In this society, the Guardians and the society have the power to trample people's rights.  The society accepts the idea that "imperfect" children can be killed and the Guardians feel it is right for them to kill parents to get their gifted children.  These examples and others show that the society pays no attention to some of the most basic of human rights.

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