Human Resource is an Asset or Liability? Justify your answer.

Expert Answers
besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Human resources is an asset to any corporation for many reasons. One very important reason is that without it, the company is not protected. There are many dishonest people who would gladly take advantage of a company for monetary purposes.

They are also responsible for hiring and firing people. The people in HR do background checks to make sure that qualified individuals are hired. They also terminate employment.

They also deal with insurance, sexual harassment, and labor relations.

I think the main idea here is that HR protects companies. Without it, the companies open themselves up for numerous legal issues that could break them. In addition, they protect the employees themselves as well.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Human resources is an important resource required and used in all business, industrial and other activities. Like any other resource it is an asset for any firm. However just a just as a good medicine used in the wring way can do more harm than good to a patient. Human resources handled inappropriately can lead to problems for the organization. This happens when the people are motivated act in ways opposed to the interests of the organization and there is disharmony among different people in the organization.

In sum we can say that human resource is an important an essential resource, but when managed inappropriately, it can also develop into liability. However no organization can perform well or even survive by treating human resources just as a liability rather than a resource. Organization must find ways of utilizing this important resource for the success of their objectives.

parivarshe | Student

yes it is true