Human resource is an asset or a liability?brief answer which covers nearly 10 pages  

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clamo88 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is not appropriate for the Q&A area.  From our editor guidelines:

"Users are limited to asking one specific question per day about a work of literature, a historical period, a scientific concept, and so on. The Q&A section is not an essay-writing service. Please do not respond to student requests for writing papers or extensive, essay-length answers."

I would recommend restating your assignment in the discussion board area.  From the ensuing discussion, you should be able to write a 10-page essay.  Keep in mind that a 10-page essay is not the same as a "brief answer."

You'll need to truly engage in discussion on the topic of human resources as both asset and liability in order to write a good essay.  You'll probably need to introduce several questions into the discussion and responses will elicit more questions along with a number of answers.

From that information, your essay should discuss both aspects of human resources and then give your opinion as to whether they are more asset than liability or vice versa.  As there will be diverse opinions expressed in the discussion, you may find it difficult to form a firm opinion.  Use the eNotes Reference area as well as some external resources to refine your final thoughts on this.

A few links below should get you started on your research into the topic which, combined with a discussion board approach, should help you write your essay.