Human impact of overhunting on tundra?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tundra regions are characterized by low temperatures and short intervals of growth. Such regions are home to species such as fox, moose, reindeer, musk ox, etc. These areas are being exploited on large scale for minerals and oil. Earlier local people used to hunt for food and to keep themselves warm in such adverse climate. Nowadays, a lot of people are visiting these areas for game-hunting. This over-hunting has drastically impacted the animal population in these regions and has put several species on endangered species listing. Loss of habitat, due to deforestation, is another human activity that is impacting animals. Since, everything is connected in an ecosystem, loss of animals due to over-hunting is bound to adversely affect other biotic and abiotic factors in the region. Currently, tundra is experiencing severe environmental damage and needs immediate rescue in terms of stopping the animal hunting, lesser exploitation of resources, etc.

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