In "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" Huck escapes Pap's cabin by faking his own...what?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What you are looking for here is "death."  Huck comes up with a pretty ingenious plan that stages his own death, so that he can escape from Pap and make a clean break for it.  In chapter 7, he slips out a hole that he has cut out of the back of the cabin.  Then, he takes an axe, hacks down the door of the cabin to make it look like someone broke in.  Next, he kills a pig with the axe, puts the carcass in a bag and drags it to the river, and after filling it with rocks, dumps it in.  This makes it look like someone has killed Huck, and dumped his body in the river (Huck even puts his own hair on the axe and makes sure that there is a blood trail to the river).  Then, he takes some cornmeal and makes a trail of it going the opposite direction from the way that he takes off in the canoe.  This makes it look like he was brutally murdered, dumped in the woods, then the cabin was robbed and they made a getaway.  He then takes the canoe (loaded with supplies he's taken from the cabin) and heads out to a large island in the middle of the Mississippi river to hide out until things calm down.

Huck's a pretty clever kid to come up with such a great plan; I highly recommend reading chapter 7 if you haven't already.  It is very entertaining, and one comes away with quite the appreciation of Huck's cleverness in escaping his Pap.

melissa1106 | Student

Huck escapes paps cabin by faking his own death. He spreads pigs blood everywhere. He then also makes it look like he was dumped into the water where he was murdered. he comes up with this elaborate plan because he does not want to have to deal with pap and the fact that he just wants Huck's money.

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