Evaluate the following sources and discuss the theme they have in common:

  • https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/30/nyregion/bike-delivery-workers-covid-pandemic.html
  • https://www.icommercecentral.com/open-access/outsourcing-to-online-food-delivery-services-perspective-of-fb-business-owners.php?aid=86136
  • https://businessinsights.us/plug-n-play-app-for-restaurants-and-small-business-owners/

The first two sources appear reliable. They tackle the theme of food delivery apps. The first source approaches this theme from the angle of struggling workers, while the second source handles this theme through the lens of business owners. The third source reads like an advertisement. Any claims made here should be checked with objective sources.

Expert Answers

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The first source is the New York Times. The New York Times is often considered to be a reliable, trustworthy source. Although, to be prudent, a reader should probably double check what they read with other sources. The Times is not perfect. Recently, it’s faced criticism for suppressing perspectives that might unsettle its readers, which tend to be liberal or left-of-center.

However, when it comes to this article about food delivery workers, the information appears on the level. After reading the article, one could probably identify a theme of exploitation when it comes to these workers. The article provides specific examples of how little money people earn and the hardships that they endure while delivering food in New York City. The article also gives the apps themselves a chance to weigh in.

The second article appears reliable as well; although, it might be suspicious that all of the authors are from the same university. After reading this article, one could conclude that the main theme has to do with how outsourcing food delivery can help a business. The fact that this article doesn’t delve into the possible harm done to those who work for the food delivery apps doesn’t necessarily make it a lackluster source. It does, however, demonstrate that the authors are approaching this theme from a rather limited angle.

As with the third article, this doesn't look like an article as much as an advertisement for VirtuApp. Thus one should be wary of this source and carefully fact check any claims with an objective source.

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